I develop games, illustrate, and play music! I love exploring the intersection between creative expression and technical precision. This website maintains past projects that I’m proud to share.

I study Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I’ve been fortunate to work with great mentors and peers at Facebook, Snapchat, Yahoo!, Uken Games, and Kik. If you’re looking for my qualifications, here is my résumé.


Honey Home Ludum Dare 38
Ray Tracer CS 488 Final Project
Critter Sitter Ludum Dare 40
2017 Illustration


Basebird Ludum Dare 35
2016 Illustration
Orbit GI Jam Fall 2016


Sun Slayer Ludum Dare 32
Acrodog Ludum Dare 34
2015 Illustration
Gardineering GI Jam Winter 2015
Match 3 Kik Hackathon
The Resistance EngHack Winter 2015
Filespace Hack Western 2015
Hop Potato Kik Hack Week Winter 2015
Sushi Ninja GI Jam Spring 2015
Keytar EngHack Spring 2015
Cardboard Translate Hack the North 2015
Pixel Party Hadoukathon


2014 Illustration
Wordasm Hack the North 2014
Fiery Flight GI Jam Fall 2014